Società di consulenze per le imprese
soluzioni di busuness per le aziende ricerche di mercato e marketing

Reaching the prospect better and before others, establishing a direct communication with our clients, working so that those same clients can be the first promotional carriers.

On the way, MYM’s aim is to go deep into the purchasing process: what do the clients really expect of us? Which are the reasons for purchasing, which the rational and which the psychological ones?

Finding a right answer means building our offer, tuning both the product features and the communication, in its content or tone, and, moreover, addressing the sales Force towards new sales techniques.
When interactive marketing means achieving the customer’s loyalty, MYM plans the fidelity process taking care of how to improve the perception of the quality and the value of the offer, and the subsequent customer satisfaction, rather than focusing on models which are theoretical and very often impracticable like “one-to-one marketing”. More information...

On the way towards a real interaction, organizing and storing the client’s information  in a data warehouse might be necessary in order to define the strategic targets of the relationship and in order to create a plan of action for the key clients.
MYM is able to carry out the complete plan, moving from the marketing database structure to the customer’s profile, from data collection tools to their management, from the study to the actual carrying out of measurable direct marketing campaigns.

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