Metal working machine


Synchronized hydraulic press brake model PFO / PS 320/60

Workforce programmable KN.3200
bending length 6100 mm
distance between columns 5600 mm
recess depth mm 500
distance between table and upper beam 630 mm
adjustable stroke 350 mm
Lowering speed mm / sec. 100
working speed programmable mm / sec. 0-9
return speed mm / sec. 100
main engine power kw.22
motors connected volt.400 Hz.50
approximate kg weight. 40400
complete with electronic programmer CNC 4 axes Delem 65 watt computer graphics, color LCD
display for two-dimensional axis control.
security systems - EC safety regulations


Plasma cutting system model PCF 25/60 consists of:

Hypertherm HPR 260 plasma generator
Plotter cutting and bench support plates
Trolley flashlights
flashlights height control
collision and positioning
units of government
management software
Console gas
Maximum cutting capacity with 32 mm drilling
Maximum cutting capacity to 64mm plate edge
marking on carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum
The cutting speed and depending on the material to be cut
Intakes Manifold
upper frames removable door grids for the support of the sheets
units of government CN12 numeric control on an industrial PC PENTIUM 233 mh 2 and
PLC Axes tab.
video color graphics memory 32 MB expandable
hard disk 1.44 mb minimum
floppy drive - RS232 and RS 422
ethernet network card - graphic piece
CUT lab management software Infolab
database of parts made
management NESTING interactive, semi-automatic and automatic.
Economic module for detection time and cutting costs
y longitudinal axis travel 6100 mm
race transverse axis x 2550 mm
vertical z-axis stroke 250 mm
movement speed 30 m / sec
positioning accuracy of + / - 0.2 mm
EC safety regulations

Industrial Oven C.I.F.E. by Cugini Ghidoli from Pogliano Milanese

9 meter long tunnel oven, equipped with insulated stainless steel belt conveyor, with 5 air mixed methane burners.
Rolling shutter tunnel stokehole size: cm 50x50.
Provided with heat and air control switchboard.


Gas-oven for metals recooking equipped with heat controller according to the relative
typology, including 9 meter long stainless steel belt conveyor. Fitted for the recooking of
turned or pressed products made of brass and copper of cm. 50 max wideness, while
length could be much higher. Suitable for continuous cycle industrial production but also
for lower numbers with up to requirement start off.


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