Export Import business

intermediazione commerciale

Opening the door to new markets to seize new business opportunities, so the world becomes one big global market.
MYM provides to facilitate the exchange of goods, the export import business, often the first step that companies move into the strategy of internationalization.

To achieve this goal, MYM will focus on productivity, seen as the necessary technology to increase the volumes along with improved efficiency.

In this direction moves the proposal to establish contact between the supply of quality machinery at favorable conditions and demand for this technology in developing countries.

Below are listed the main types of machines, within which you can find some proposals, complete with technical details.

  1. Building machine
  1. Wood working machine
  1. Packaging and parcelling machine
  1. Cleaning machine
  1. Metal working machine
  1. Stone working machine
  1. Ceramics working machine
  1. Catering machine
  1. Agricultural and tobacco machine
  1. Textile industry machine

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