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Without knowledge, we cannot see what others don’t see. Knowing helps to understand the ever changing reality.

Einstein once said that the mind is like a parachute. If you don’t open it, it doesn’t work.

MYM has Trainers who have been working for years for Universities and Business Schools, like “Università La Sapienza” in Rome, “LUISS Business School”, “Università delgi Studi” in L’Aquila, “Fondazione CUOA”, “GM Academy”, “Telecom Learning”, “ENI Corporate University”.

A training plan can be carried out with traditional or non-traditional methods, from collecting needs to classroom management, in other words showing innovative features such as “Edu-games”. More information...

In any case, MYM searches for a type of approach which considers knowledge a driving force and is convinced that personal culture creates economic value.

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