Investing in the Indian market , the context.


intermediazione commerciale

India, for its size and socio-cultural differences, cannot be considered a single market which can be approached with one strategy.

A Federal Republic with 28 States, each with its own Government and Parliament, in addition to 7 Territories administered by the Central Government, resulting in a massive bureaucracy, could be considered in itself a difficult market to conquer.

At the same time, a reality that produces wealth at annual rates around or exceeding 8%, with a middle-class of potential consumers estimated at about  100 million people and which enjoys such political stability so as to be considered “the greatest democracy in the world”, can’t not have a strong attraction for those who consider an investment strategy in that market.

MYM India’s task is to make the company’s internationalization in the Indian market possible as the result of a gradual process of acquisition of knowledge and experience gained over time.

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