MYM’s services are designed to provide many business solutions to companies which, in considering an internationalization strategy, have chosen India as their target market.

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  1. General and specific attractiveness analysis of the area covered by the internationalization plan

At this stage, MYM India offers a detailed market research which has the aim to explore the Indian continent or a specific State, to understand how to size an investment, taking into account both the opportunities and the existing constraints. More information...

  1. Competitive analysis

The analysis answers the question regarding the space which the foreign company will probably occupy within the Indian market, highlighting the strength and areas of weakness and considering the Indian context and the current players.

  1. Definition of the strategy for a correct entry

Our services aim to define the best strategy to enter India, whether through direct or indirect investments, depending on the resources and expertise of the company concerned and taking into account the specific characteristics of the target market.

  1. Clarification on the type of foreign investment and its estimated budget

Once the strategic objectives have been defined, we can offer the right input mode in India, which  also indicates that company’s degree of international involvement: from simple export to the establishment of a branch office, from the birth of a new Indian company law, to the partial relocation of the production.

During this process, MYM India searches for and selects the Indian partners who are deemed necessary for the internationalization strategy: entrepreneurs, importers, dealers, commercial agencies and retailers.

  1. Marketing plan

Designing the marketing mix for the Indian market is only possible if you know the details of that market, with regard to the demand segmentation, to the still very fragmented Indian trade, to the process of determining the final price, to the most effective communication tools.

It is possible to study and create a new brand, taking into account the specific characteristics of the Indian demand and making the product more attractive.

  1. Brand and sales Promotion

MYM offers Account services in India on behalf of the client company, indicates the potential customer and business opportunities, plans events, develops a communication plan which is adapted to the language and local customs and organizes the participation in international fairs.

  1. Training

In the process of internationalization, the recruitment and training of staff are vital to the success of the investment in India.

MYM India provides its team of Master Trainers, to review training needs, for the design and management of courses in India which allow, on the one hand, the acquisition of the policies, methodologies and tools of foreign companies on behalf of Indian staff and executives, on the other hand to learn the specific characteristics of the Indian market such as the importance of the relational, verbal and non verbal communication, typical of the Indian society, for the benefit of foreign management.

Investing in the Indian market , the Organization.


intermediazione commerciale

MYM India is based in Bangalore, probably the city of the Indian Union which is most identified with the concept of innovation thanks to its many IT industries and important multinationals’ R&D centers.

From here, MYM has built a network of Indian consultants who, led by our on site Manager, supervise the main Indian sites: New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai.

In addition to this, through the relationship built with local Institutions and the support of partners with specific skills, we can provide the legal, fiscal and administrative answers which complement the “core business” and which make the internationalization plan achievable.In this way we provide to the translation of a variety of technical and commercial documentation from Italian to English and vice versa, performed by an experienced consultant (see attached profile)

Investing in the Indian market , the context.


intermediazione commerciale

India, for its size and socio-cultural differences, cannot be considered a single market which can be approached with one strategy.

A Federal Republic with 28 States, each with its own Government and Parliament, in addition to 7 Territories administered by the Central Government, resulting in a massive bureaucracy, could be considered in itself a difficult market to conquer.

At the same time, a reality that produces wealth at annual rates around or exceeding 8%, with a middle-class of potential consumers estimated at about  100 million people and which enjoys such political stability so as to be considered “the greatest democracy in the world”, can’t not have a strong attraction for those who consider an investment strategy in that market.

MYM India’s task is to make the company’s internationalization in the Indian market possible as the result of a gradual process of acquisition of knowledge and experience gained over time.

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